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What were some valuable things you learned from this session?

"I like “amplification” – getting the message across in many, many ways. Also, narrowing key vocabulary – what is really important... "

"Bookmarks (sentence starters) area great way to enable students, promote confidence and prompt the flow of discussion... "

"Scaffolding ideas suggestions and bookmarks for language structures. "






Presentations, lectures, current research - a collection of topics in collaboration with universities, museum educators, and associations working to expand and enrich curricula. For digital content, audio and video files, check the Podcast link on the verticle menu to the left.



main ppt Bridging morning museum learning with afternoon instruction that includes a tested standards focus: creates powerful teaching and learning opportunities.Afternoon activities provide skill building, practice and reinforcement through active, purposeful projects. How do we do this? Project-based learning. Active learning. Use of Balboa Park resources. Use of new technologies where appropriate ...
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Unit-based afternoon prompts and activities.
Bridging afternoon activities with morning museum instruction:Units of Inquiry;math/science unit, writing, reading, language, math, science focus. Grouping: independent, small group/whole class, objectives by day.

Sample: MOPA-4th Grade:Rotation 1, Photography. Focus: interpreting and analyzing ideas in expository texts, investigating...

Sample: FLEET-5th Grade Rotation 1 Thinking critically about text...

School in the Park's purpose, educational philosophy and ongoing program development.

How can we more effectively use student performance data to identify areas of strength and weakness in our instructional program?


Building Academic Vocabulary Through School in the Park

Presented on September 17, 2008 to SITP museum educators by Kathy A. Pohan, Ph.D. This workshop focused on selecting vocabulary to teach English Language Learners in a three tierd system. Also presented: Comprehensible Input through SDAIE Techniques, Scaffolding Instruction, and Bookmarks: Language Structures for Active Engagement.



Primary Language Advance Organizer Podcasts

The Effect of Primary Language Advance Organizer Podcasts on the Academic Performance of 3rd Grade English Language Learners. Purpose of the Study. To examine the effect of Primary Language Advance Organizer Podcasts (PLAOP’s) on beginning, early intermediate, and intermediate English language learners’ academic performance.
Podcast Organizer

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SITP Longitudinal Study at Hoover High
In May and June of 2008, City Height Collaborative evaluators,
Mike Corke and Tessa Tinkler, will be conducting research focused on the longitudinal impact of School In The Park on students. Ninth and 11th graders at Hoover High School will take part in several focus groups.
Academic Language Development
While many students have no problem talking in informal social situations, using academic language can be every bit as difficult as learning to read or write - possibly more so because it is so public ..
Cognitive Apprenticeship
Cognitive Apprenticeship is an instructional design model based on current understandings about how human beings learn ...
Learning and the Human Brain
What do we know about the human brain that would inform decisions we make about how we teach ...
brain_base Brain-Friendly Learning
Brain-based learning theory is based on the structure and function of the human brain. As long as the brain is not prohibited from fulfilling its normal processes, learning will occur ...