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Click on the link below to view free and inexpensive activities to do with your children in Balboa Park.


Balboa Park For Kids

Parents say their students constantly say they like SITP because they learn things they couldn’t learn at school.


Welcome Parents! School in the Park would like to connect you with the experiences that are unique to museum education opportunities. These pages are designed to expand your knowledge of Balboa Park and enable you to work with your child in ways that will bring the park alive at home! Check back for our new section "ideas for Extended Learning" coming soon. If you would like to arrange a visit to one of the museums your child participates with and attends at School in the Park, contact Marilin Levitan at 619-282-6803 or email her at:

We also want you to have the latest information for School in the Park program evaluation and research, we will be adding this information as it becomes available.



The above photos were taken during a PITP visit in January 2014.