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This year are celebrating SITP's 15th year with some exciting new additions to our 2013-14 academic program. Our students will be coming to us from Rosa Parks Elementary School in City Heights and from Wilson Middle School also located in City Heights.


We continue to develop new program initiatives with:

  • Extended Day @ SITP

  • Common Core Standards

  • Augmented Reality Experiences:
    San Diego Zoo

    San Diego History Center
    San Diego Museum of Art

  • Mobile Devices


Our classes continue to win praise for their museum behavior and obvious interest in learning.






School in the Park is an innovative program that shifts the location of "school" from a traditional classroom setting in an inner-city school, to the resources and educational opportunities available at museums in Balboa Park. A relevant instructional environment is created as hands-on learning challenges students to become active participants in their own education.


Air and Space SITPHistory Center SITP

Rosa Park Elementar School and Wilson Middle School participate in a program that is designed to fully utilize the unique educational opportunities of San Diego's cultural institutions in Balboa Park. The plan allows third, fourth, fifth sixth and seventh grade students to spend up to six weeks at San Diego's famous Balboa Park, where they participate in week-long educational programs at nine institutions. In essence, the students spend almost twenty-five percent of their time learning in this hands-on, real world setting.


Junior Theatre SITPMoPA SITP


Visits to museums and cultural institutions bring meaning to the printed page because many of the students do not have prior knowledge about the variety of subjects covered in their school materials. Hence, the Park Program has the potential to engage students in learning that has real world connections.

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Technology at SITP

School in the Park incorporates the use of technology in many diverse ways including augmented reality, student video productions and photography using Android and ios devices. Below are some photos of out students in action.

3rd grade students attending the San Diego History Center use Android phones to run an Augmented Reality Educatinal App developed by SITP and FreshAir:


The App allows our 3rd graders to see how Kumeyaay used natural resources to survive in San Diego many years ago with animated three-dimesnional renderings super-imposed onto the target below.


For more information about Augmented Reality and technology used at SITP please click here.