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Parent Center Contacts

Visit our Parent Centers to learn about support services that make the transition for you and your student from elementary to middle or high school easier by focusing on wellbeing and academic success.

Hoover High School
Director: Laura Angel-Zavala 619-283-1297
Monroe Clark Middle School Director: Rocio Agiss
619-563-6801 x2315
Rosa Parks Elementary
Contact: Rosario Iannacone










City Heights Educational Collaborative


The City Heights Education Collaborative is an innovative educational initiative that partners three San Diego Unified School District schools in City Heights with San Diego State University School of Education, San Diego Education Association and Price Charities.


In addition to the goal of inner city children achieving educational excellence, the three schools (Hoover High, Monroe Clark Middle and Rosa Parks Elementary) also operate as "community schools" providing comprehensive health and social services to students and their families.

CHEC Information Sharing!

Message from Tim Allen:


Each Tuesday morning, I hold a meeting at the Collaborative Offices that includes representatives from SDSU, Price Charities as well as the Collaborative school principals. READ MORE.Please feel free to e-mail me any questions or comments you may have.


CHEC Coordination Meetings:

Resume in August

Superintendent's Friday Notes
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Collaborative Cornerstones :

Improve K-16 student achievement.


Provide solutions to school community problems through an active research agenda.


Develop 21st Century life skills in all Collaborative children.


Promote busness and community partnerships that provide resources and opportunity to:

  • educational attainment
  • wellness
  • college and career
  • community and service learning
  • focus on youth development
  • recognize mentoring programs



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Collaborative Activities: Summer 2009

Check back for summer event updates:

I'm Going to College

Monroe Clark Puppet Parade